Cape Breton Roleplay Community

Cape Breton Roleplay Community

Cape Breton Regional Roleplay is a Canadian community based in Cape Breton Island, in the Province of Nova Scotia. We offer plenty of unique assets in our community. If you would like to know what we offer, check out below! Please keep in mind we are a small community as of right now!


What We Offer

➦ Interactive Roleplay

➦ Sessions Daily

➦ Active & Amazing Staff

➦ Cape Breton Regional Police

➦ Cape Breton Regional Fire & Emergency

➦ Royal Canadian Mounted Police

➦ Emergency Health Service, Nova Scotia

➦ Business's Within The Region

➦ Very Accurate & Unique Liveries

➦ Very Accurate & Custom Uniforms

➦ Canadian

➦ Fast Growing Community 

You Do Not Need

➦ Voice Chat

➦ Tier Requirements

 What Are You Waiting for?